Our Founder Eric Ton have been in the Jewelry Industry for the past 20 years and have widely travel around the world.  He noticed that there's a lack of affordable luxury sunglasses.  He came around with a bold vision for crafting high-quality, high-performance eyewear and accessories that can work for your daily use.  Using his expertise and exceptional craftsmanship from the jewelry industry, he craft only the best quality product out there.  

Go Epic X is a global leader in crafting stylish, high-quality, and innovative eyewear at affordable prices.  We cut all the unnecessary cost so we can pass the savings on to you.

At EPIC X we use aesthetic is uniquely appealing in its purpose-built utility in the same way a race car or fighter jet is designed with every aspect of its function in mind. That they are beautiful in their ultimate aesthetic is secondary. In the end we are creating an essential performance eyewear. We build it to use it.


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